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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Mahkota Dewa

Scientific Name : Phaleria Macrocarpa (Scheff.) Boerl

District Names : Mahkota Dewa (Jawa), Simalakama (Sumatra)

References :

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13 Jenis

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Classification of Mahkota Dewa














Phaleria Macrocarpa (Scheff.) Boerl @ Phaleria Papuana Warb Var.Wichnnii (val) Back

Description of Plant :

Mahkota dewa is a plant that grows throughout the year,

it can reach the height of 3-4m. Its sappy stem

with brown greenish bark, white stem in color and taproots.

Leaf :

The leaf has oval, thin, long and sharp edge , flat smooth and non furry surface

Flower :

The flower is small, white in color and has pleasant smell. It looks like clover.

Fruit :

Mahkota dewa fruit comprises skin, flesh,….and seeds. The fruit is round in shape, has diameter of 3-5cm, smooth surface, drill, green in color when young and red when ripening. The flesh is white, fibrous and watery.

Flesh :

It is the most beneficial component of the fruit, which commonly used in medication

Seed :

The most poisonous part. It has oval in shape, and the diameter is about 1cm and has brown in color. The inner part is white in color.

Chemical Contents :

  1. Leaf :contains antihistamin, alkaloid, saponin & polifenol (lignin)
  2. The fruit skin : contains alkaloid, saponin & flavonoid.
  3. Fruit : alkanoid, tanin, flavonoid, fenol, saponin, lignin, asiri oil & sterol

Characteristics & Benefits :

  1. The fruit skin and flesh : cure dysentery ,psoriasis and acne.
  2. Leaf and seed :cure various types of skin pain such as eczema, hepatotoxic & antibody.
  3. Fruit : antitumour, antidysentry, antiinsecta, cure eczema, hepatotoxic & antibody.

* The new lignin component in mahkota dewa flesh extract has the molecule of C6 H2O O6 and structure of 5-{4(-menthoxy-phenyl-tetrahydrofuro-[3,4-c]furan-1-yl)-benzene-1,2,3-triol.

Healing capabilities of Mahkota Dewa

  1. cancer & tumor

  2. Eczema (skin disease)

  3. Diabetes mellitus

  4. Hypertensive (High blood pressure)

  5. Hepatitis

  6. Rheumatic (joints paint)

  7. Gout Arthritis

  8. Heart disease

  9. Kidney failure


-The fruit especially its seed is poisonous, it has to be braised before eaten.

-Pregnant women is prohibited to drink this processed plant


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