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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mahkota Dewa the best healer for Desease

Mahkota Dewa the best healer for Desease
Mahkota Dewa or phaleria macrocarpa is been trusted to cure diseases. This plant came from Java island, but nowadays are cultivated in North Sumatera. Because of the potential, Nuraini is the one who believe that mahkota dewa in North Sumatera in better than in Java Island or Jogjakarta. Comparing the north Sumatera’s mahkota dewa and Javanese’ mahkota dewa, “mahkota dewa which came from jogja the fruit is hollow, then which coming from north sumatera is firm,” She said.

Nuraini was getting close into the business of mahkota dewa since four years ago. Because of her husband’s disease then become the background of this business, for she thought that she could earn less money for her husband’s medication then she choose the alternative way of medication. She and her husband were consuming mahkota dewa and it was effectively proof, her husband’s diabetic was amazingly decreased.

Moreover, after nuraini get realize about the business opportunity for mahkota dewa, she also wants to help the sick and poor people who cannot get medication for its expenses. For that, she tried to breed this pant and she use her field which about 1.000 m2.

To get the mahkota dewa seed, she particularly orders the fresh fruit from jogjakarta. Beside, after one year remains, this fruit is already been produce. Then, continuously she gains the plants for over 120 plants in around of her house.

To make it the harvest easier, she always cut the plant for not over than 1,5 meters. She produces mahkota dewa for whole years, in every month, she collects it for almost 40 kg or 8 kg of dried fruit.

Mahkota dewa is kind of plant that easy to be cultivated. The seedling seed that ready to be planted is placed in the hole with 2 kg of manure. She uses manure for it easy to get, while in her village in the district of sari rejo. Regency of Medan polonia, there are many cows livestock. About the treatment, Nuraini is easily doing because of this plant is easy to grow. At least it needs more watering in summer time, at one year of growing it ready to produce.

The only pest for this plant is Ant, but it can directly managed by insecticide.

Nuraini told that when this fruit is getting old with the tinged of red, it start to collect then make into process. These fruits are sliced very thin then dry it in the sun. In very hot days, the dried is only needs for 3 days. After the color become dark brown, then the dried fruit get into the wrap in plastic for half of ounces with the price of Rp.10.000

The benefits of this fruit are believed to cure cancer, diabetic, heart disease, hypertension, or ejaculation.

After mahkota dewa, Nuraini also try to cultivate Murbei extract. She believe that murbei extract can heal migraine, toothache, diabetic, rheumatic, to reduce the cholesterol and other diseases.

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