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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Worm Slememet-slememet, Exterminate with Temu Giring

Intersection sleigh (Curcuma heyneana Val. & V) is less popularly known. But in a world of traditional medicine, this plant is one plant that nutritious. Rhizome sides generally have a more bitter taste, is a cure for various diseases. Ingredients:
- Piperazin citrate
- Essential
- Amilun
- Resin
- Fat
- Tannin

Gathering sleigh used in traditional medicine as a cure worms, increase stamina, rheumatism, constipation, and dysentery.

So far, the worm infection does not always happen to the children. Anyone can become infected if the pattern of life is less hygienic. To expel worms from the digestive tract that we can use natural materials around us. Among ireng Intersection (black) or Intersection sleigh. Children underweight, pallor, and distended abdomen, often immediately sentenced worms. Conclusions like that is true, though not entirely correct. Looking like that it is a partial manifestation of symptoms of intestinal worms, which often is not so real. The signs of attack other worms including stomach and intestinal disorders, such as heartburn, heartburn, cramps, and diarrhea periodically.

If the rectal examination, can be found in the clot of worms. The mass of worms that could also be felt through the abdominal wall. The kind that often infect humans include roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoides), pinworms (Axyuris vermicularis), tapeworm (Taenia solium / T. saginata), and hookworm americans). (Ancylostoma duodenale and Nectator army worms that could make a skinny person who became landlord of nutrients because they looted.

In the stomach lining every 20 head of adult worms can suck in 2.8 g of carbohydrate and 0.7 g of protein a day. Thus, severe infections caused hundreds of worms will take most of the food in the digestive tract. For the way they people can not live comfortably.

Infiltration parasitic creature has started with the entry of eggs containing embryos through food. Then hatch into newborn worms. In his new residence they spawn. Some eggs will stay globetrot feces through the "south pole". If feces is not headed to its rightful place, the eggs of worms could spread to food through courier flies. To combat worms that inhabit overdo stomach, commonly used materials antelmentik (anticacing). There are two classes of the worm-fighting ingredient, namely vermifuga (drugs that paralyze the worms in the intestine and worms are released in a state of life) and vermicida (drugs that can kill the worms in the body). Medications to eradicate the worm had pretty much sold on the market.

However, when it was too expensive, there are alternatives other drugs that can be selected, namely by making use of medicinal plants. Today many medicinal plants has been known ever and is still used traditionally as a remedy anticacing in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. A total of 105 plants known to exist, of whom grew up in Indonesia. Generally, the plant used feelings. To support the empirical data, scientific efficacy trials were conducted to prove efficacy.

Of the various tests that have been conducted by universities and research institutions, there are several medicinal plants that quite a lot of attention. Four of them are meeting dribbles, Intersection ireng, papaya, and pare. Better Meeting sliced ​​bell (Curcuma heyneana) and Intersection ireng (C. aeruginosa) is a medicinal plant from one family Zingiberaceae. However, both have different chemical constituents, especially the levels of essential oil fraction.

In the rhizome the second meeting this meeting there is an active substance that can kill Ascaris worms such as piperazin citrate (synthetic drugs that most effectively eradicate Ascaris). Active substance that is essential oil, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes. Allegedly, they work mengantagonis acetylcholine, thus suppress smooth muscle contraction.

From a study in vitro proved, Intersection rhizome ireng to suppress the amplitude of spontaneous contractions of the jejunum (small intestine) rabbits. Allegedly, the active substance which works as antelmentik derived from essential oils. Given the way both of these plants are synergistic antelmentik, it was attempted to combine the two plants as well as antelmentik.

Research conducted Endah Eny Riayati (Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University) proved, in vitro preparations stew sliced ​​rhizome faster retrieval ireng deadly Ascaridia galli grater than stew and stew powder. This is reinforced by quantitative analysis on thin layer chromatography.

It turned out that the preparations contained incision spots with stronger intensity than the other. Another study conducted Putu Satiawati (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Airlangga University) proved in vitro, Ascaris suum immersion for 24 hours in the juice of black meeting 60% concentration 68% kill worms.

While the juice dribbles meeting with the same concentration, only 36% kill worms. Power antelmentik rhizome Intersection sleigh against pinworms investigated clinically by Ade Mardiati Rabia, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, Hasanuddin University in a number of orphanage children.

With a dose of 2 g orally was given the results did not differ with pirantel pamoat dose of 50 mg / kg body weight in reducing the number of worm eggs. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Koesdianto Tantular examine the efficacy of rhizome syrup Intersection Intersection ireng and sleigh on the students grade 1 to grade 6 in Surabaya. With a dose of 15 ml per day, equivalent to 25 g fresh material, have properties similar to giving a single dose of 500 mg membendazol. To use it as a cure bracelet anticacing needed one piece of masters Intersection sleigh / ireng of chicken eggs and ½ cup hot water. Gathering sleigh / ireng washed and shredded, then menyedu with hot water. Once cool, filtered brew.

For children 3-5 years of drinking from 1 time a day 2 tablespoons, children 6-8 years 1 tablespoon once a day 5, children 9-12 years old 1 time per day and adult 8 tablespoons ½ cup 1 time a day. Steeping given the morning before eating for three days in a row. Meanwhile, to make the necessary medicine Pinworms anticacing ½ finger rhizome Intersection sleigh.

Temu was washed, shredded, given 1 tablespoon cooking water and a little salt, squeeze, and drink. This was done 2 times daily for 3 consecutive days. Papain destructive worm body from papaya plants, almost all parts of this plant, from roots, leaves, sap, until the seeds, has been used empirically as antelmentik.

Allegedly, the active ingredient in papaya is papain and karposit. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme that we know to soften the meat. Substances that make the process of solving the connective tissue, called the proteolytic process. More and more proteins are broken down, the meat more tender. As antelmentik papain works like in the flesh softens.

Papain melemas worm damage the worm body proteins. In this case, the papaya is working as vermifuga. Several studies support the use of papaya as a remedy anticacing of whom performed in vitro by Atiyah. In his research material used in the form of sap obtained by tapping young papaya fruit without picked. Isolation papain done by allowing the resin in alcohol 80%, so that the papain will settle.

Papain precipitate dried in oven at 50 - 55oC for six hours. Test against Ascaris suilla done by soaking the worms in a solution of papain. Papain in vitro work as antelmentik at doses of 600 mg. Crude papain pemerikasaan antelmentik effect against stomach worms (haemoconthus contortus R.), in vivo in infected rams, conducted by Anita ridayanti.

The results show, giving crude papain up to 0.6 g / kg body weight causes a decrease in the number of worms and eggs. Inong Nuraini, from Airlangga University Biology Department, in his research proves, in vitro administration 50% lemon hanging papaya (Carica papaya), has caused the death effect on beef liver fluke (Fasciola gegantica) after half an hour. When you reach the two-hour duration, all the worms are soaked will die. Meanwhile Elita Rahman, of the USU Department of Pharmacy and Science, trying to compare the efficacy antelmentik white bark of pomegranate (Punica granatum) and papaya juice in vitro.

As a result, papaya leaf memepunyai antelmentik stronger than pomegranate white bark at a concentration of 30%. However, compared with 0.2% citric piperazuin, the efficacy of the two plants are weaker. Both plants work as vermifuga. To take advantage of papaya seeds as a cure anticacing need as much as 2 tablespoons of papaya seed meal, washed, and finely ground. Subtle papaya seeds were menyedu with ½ cup hot water and given 1 tablespoon of honey. After a lukewarm concoction drink 1 a day for 3 times in a row.

If the roots of papaya are used, it may take a few pieces of papaya roots. The root is cleaned and crushed papaya with garlic, plus a glass of water, then simmer until the obtained ½ cup water. The mixture is filtered into a glass. Drink 2 times a day each ¼ cup. Papaya root of this herb just to expel pinworms.

Meanwhile, when the selected leaf, its use by boiling the leaves in boiling water approximately 15 minutes and drink the water. Part papaya is suspected as anticacing carposide (karposit). To use papaya latex has not obtained the use of empirical literature. However, from papaya latex antelmentik expected efficacious as is the sap that contains papain. In use empirical just mentioned that the young papaya latex menyedu with water for cooking and drinking.

Use the leaves of other plants get enough attention as antelmentik is pare (Momordica charantia L.). Inside are active substance momordisin, momordin, trikosanat acid, and saponins. In relation to the worm, which has the power saponinlah toxic to parasitic worms.

This herb works as vermicida. Pare leaf juice could expel worms pare leaf antelmentik power research, either in the form of juice and infusion of fresh and dried leaves, against Ascaris performed in vitro by ME Prima Listiani, from the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University. From his research proved, fresh leaf juice has the greatest merit antelmentik. However, with respect to time of death worm is no better than piperazin citrate. Iin Kurnia Prabaningtyas from the Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University also proved, in vitro leaves of bitter melon juice can kill 50% of hookworm in an amount equal to 0.236% using pyrantel pamoat.

Kuswinarti from Lab. Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, proved, in vitro young pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr), pare, and leaves of Aloe vera (Aloe vera L.) at 80% concentration can kill Ascaris lumbricoides. However, the amount and time of death is different. Pineapple antelmentik young have the strongest effect, followed pare and aloe vera. To make drugs pare anticacing need a handful of fresh leaves, salt to taste, and ½ cup water.

How to make it, pare leaves crushed with water, squeezed with a clean cloth into a glass. Add a little salt and stir until dissolved. This juice drink it all in the morning before breakfast in a row for 3 days.

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