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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Discover Beauty from your Kitchen Recipes

Expand the consumption of high antioxidant foods, like salads, so much prettier face. - Ad rampant beauty products on the screen. Dozens of shops in the mall also offers a variety of products with variants for the brand and variety. Just choose where you what you need.
However, there are way more simple and less expensive to care for your skin health. Certain foods can provide a healthy and glowing effect on your skin. While food has a high antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress on your skin. Stress makes the skin collagen and elastin, the substance that makes skin firm, plump and look younger, become damaged.

So try to be more diligent in looking kitchen to find materials such as:

1. Coconut
Coconut milk contains antioxidants that provide a calming effect on the skin.
While coconut milk can also be used to refine the skin. Way, use washlap, apply a little coconut water, sweep the entire face.

2. Salmon
Salmon contains proteins that can repair skin cells. Gynecology and omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce wrinkles in the skin and make it more clear. Consumption of salmon as well as the contents of a salad for lunch.

3. Nuts
Fibers from these foods can make your blood sugar stable. These foods also prevents drying of the skin. Another tip: Make a bean salad menu contents.

4. Green tea
More often drink green tea, either cold or hot, will allow the antioxidant content of more work. This makes the skin glowing, refreshed, and reduce wrinkles.
After a hot green tea, chill the tea bag, and then compress the eye to be more fresh.

5. Blueberry
This type of berry not only delicious but also contain the best antioxidants. Can be consumed as a dessert or part of the salad. Another tip: Combine fresh blueberries in the drinks in the morning.

6. Mixed salad
Fill a salad can be varied, not just lettuce and tomato. Combine foods also contain antioxidants such as broccoli, green and red peppers, and carrots
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