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Friday, May 7, 2010

Natural Acne Prescription naughty Overcome

Aloe vera face full of acne scars that can not be eliminated, create confidence in yourself to be declining. Eliminate acne and spots do not require a short time, in addition to extra patient, you also need routine maintenance.

Have you ever tried to overcome the traditional recipes of acne until the former stain? Here are some natural ingredients that can help you to escape from acne.

These materials are easily obtained and no side effect, because it is made from natural ingredients that you can get from home or around your own. Cabain yuk?


In addition to skin tightening, tomatoes can also be used to reduce blemishes acne scars. Use tomato slices to mask the night before bed. Apply to the whole face and let stand for 15 minutes, when it feels tight, rinse using clean water. Perform this treatment every day to get maximum results.

Ice cube

Ice cold can help close the enlarged pores and blackheads caused by acne. Ice cubes can also prevent re-entry of dirt causes acne. After you clean your face, use ice cubes to compress the face in order to remain supple.


This fruit can be a substitute or regular facial cleanser called natural toner. Cucumber can also smooth the skin, and heal the inflammation caused by acne. Cucumber slices on your face and apply, or you can simply focus on areas with overgrown pimple. Take a few moments, until felt tight and rinse. Do this treatment on a regular basis to get maximum results.


Eggs are not only good to eat, but it could also be to eliminate acne. You do this by applying egg white on the acne pimples and leave overnight so you get better and dry out. Do perwatan with routine to get maximum results.

Aloe vera

This plant species is well known both for hair, but not only that, because it proved to be good also to overcome the problems caused by acne skin. Use aloe slime on the meat, rubbed on the face with acne. Let stand a few moments and rinse with clear water. Do this treatment on a regular basis to obtain maximum results,


Seasoning is famous for its distinctive color and aroma. In addition to delicious mixture of spices, saffron or turmeric can apparently also be used to overcome a stubborn acne. Rub turmeric on the area of acne naughty, let stand a few moments and rinse it. Turmeric can help heal the wounds proved to acne scars.


Rub lemon juice on acne blemishes and allow some time before washing them with water. Lemons have a uterus that can brighten the skin, remove dead skin cells and maintain skin suppleness.


Honey is believed to overcome the injury to the skin. Try using honey to deal with acne blemishes on the face, leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. perwatan do this once a day soften your leisure.

In addition to treatment with natural ingredients, you can offset the intake from the inside, with lots of vegetables and fruit consumption. Stay away from fatty foods and fried.

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