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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cancer, not deadly anymore..

Cancer, not deadly anymore...
Dragon3002 posted on Sep 02, 2006 | views: 473 | Tags: About Illness (Cancer and other illness)
I've got this information on my email from a friend. I hope this will be usefull. I'll try to translate into English Language.

People who lived in Indonesia with a cancer can live more longer. A plant named Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber ("Keladi Tikus" in Indonesian) was found as a purifier medicine which can stop and cure almost all kind of cancer and other dangerous illness.

This plant has between 25 till 30 Cm tall, only grow in the bush that not directly on sun shine.
And can be found many times on Java island, Indonesia.

This medicine has been tested by Prof Dr Chris K.H.Teo,Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons)(M), MS, PhD (Science University of Malaysia) since 1995 ago, he is also has a department named Cancer Care Penang, Malaysia. This Department also has helped many people who lived in cancer from another country, such as Malaysia, America, England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,etc.

In Indonesia, this plant has been discovered by Patoppoi in Pekalongan, Mid-Java. At that time, his wife was on breast cancer 3rd stadium. On January, 14th,1998 the breast cancer was pulled out by the operation. But, she still must haved a Chemotraphy injection to prevent the cancer cells from grown up. And you all must be know what the effect of this injection. Because of the effect, Patoppoi going on journey to another country to find an alternative medical service.
In Malay, he read a book written by Dr Chris K.H. Teo,1996, named "Cancer, Yet They Live".

After reading this book, he went back to Indonesia. He called Dr Teo to ask the truth from the book, and he got the right answer. Than he search the plant and proceed it based on the book.

After all, his wife drink the medicine that made from the plant. After 3 months, His wife having a general check up. But, amazingly the test result is negative. after that, the check up rate from once for 3 months changed to once for 6 months.

Many people having a pain when lived in cancer, but after consume this medicine, no more pain.

From the data of Cancer care Malaysia, many of illness has been cured. I have the list, but i don't know what is the English version. They are(in Indonesian language):
kanker payudara, paru-paru, usus besar-rectum, liver, prostat, ginjal, leher rahim, tenggorokan, tulang, otak, limpa, leukemia, empedu, pankreas, dan hepatitis.

For further information about the artikel "Obat Kanker", we can call on Social department "Cancer Care Indonesia".
Address: Jl. Jl. Kayu Putih 4 no. 5 Jakarta,
phone : 021-4894745

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