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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Basil Not Just Perfume

Basil plants that are not foreign to us. This plant was also relatively easy to find, can are at home, garden, fields, even on the street. Until now, most of us know that basil is used as Lalapan match, added to the berunsur cooking fish, chicken, or used as traditional medicine.

And plants like basil, mint or basil ie, has an interesting history. Plants of this type had been a kingdom of plants in France and Italy. This plant flowers chosen to express love. While in India, this plant is one of the purified plant and often used in religious ceremonies.

In China, basil is used as a drug of infection, abdominal pain, snake bites, insect, drug fever, and cancer. Many other countries also use these plants as traditional medicine, such as Greece, Philippines, Tanzania, and Mexico.

Apart from the scientific evidence, basil and mint have been empirically used in traditional medicine for various diseases, both in Indonesia and other countries. Basil is rich in beta-carotene, and magnesium, important minerals that serves to keep and maintain heart health.

Basil scent was inviting appetite. Naturally, if then people like to eat these leaves as raw Lalapan, mixed Pepes, Karedok, or threatened.

source:okezone,forum nova

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