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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Persimmon, the Healthy Fruit Priss

Cursory form of apple-like fruit, often called the apple of Java. Appearance of skin attached to a white powder, many people referred to as the fruit of persimmon is considered to be sassy like powdery.

Persimmon has a scientific name is Diospyros feet, supposedly from the People's Republic of China, then spread to the braid on the ancient and cultivated. In Indonesia, another place that produces such persimmon North Sumatra, particularly Brastagi area, West Java and East Java, planted on the high mountains.

Benefits and Gynecology Nutrition

Based on many sources of research, known in persimmon was saved a great many chemical substances. Among the compounds are potent antioxidants that prevent cancer, keep blood pressure and also prevent premature aging.
Persimmon consumption can eliminate thirst, nourish the lungs - pulmonary and strengthen the spleen.

One thing is important, eating persimmons every day may help prevent hardening of the arteries. Maintain flexibility of blood vessels and blood pressure stability is key to maintaining heart health.

Persimmon fruit contains 19.6% carbohydrates, especially fructose and glucose 0.7% protein, vitamin A and potassium. Each contains 100 grams of persimmon energy 88 cal, 15 grams carbohydrates, 6 mg of calcium, phosphorus 26 mg, 813 mcg of retinol and ascorbic acid 20 mg.

This fruit can be eaten fresh directly or can be processed as a snack mix. The most important quotes or buy persimmon reply had changed color to yellow.

Source: Tabloid Lezat,

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